I am a freelance journalist and writer. I’m writing this blog to discuss things which come up on a daily basis, especially while I’m studying; I am specialising in Business and Finance journalism at City University in London.

I called the blog Opendor  because I didn’t want to just give it my own name (Cassie Werber); I hope it will become a place where other people write, and where they comment. The blog’s title comes from my official first name, Dorcas – Cassie being an abbreviation almost everyone uses.

If you look at my website, you’ll see I’ve been writing about theatre and visual culture for a while, and this has included being part of the editorial team for Total Theatre Magazine since 2006. During 2009-10, I lived in Aarhus, Denmark and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, so my writing has often referred to those places. Since summer 2010 I have been back in London, UK.

Increasingly, I am writing about news and current events, often from a European perspective. Recently I’ve written regular features for The Holland Times and a column for The Ukrainian Week.

And if you Googled me…

Between 2004 and 2008 I founded and ran a theatre company, ChoppedLogic. The company still exists, and is waiting for the right project to become active again. So, as well as journalism, I still have an interest in creating theatre and in writing and working with fiction.

Cassie Werber, October 2010


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